I've had an amazing eight years representing the constituents of Ward 4. It has been an incredible honour to be their voice at City Hall and to represent their wishes for building the city that they want to call home. The unequaled support they've given me has provided me with a mandate unlike any other around the council table. Almost 80% of Ward 4 voters decided that focusing on creating better neighbourhoods in a fiscally responsible way, improving and providing transportation alternatives, and making every decision through a climate lens was a top priority when they sent me back to city hall in 2018. In every decision I applied these same principles to the vision of what the city, as a whole, could and should be.
It was a loud and clear message that our collective quality of life was the highest priority for them, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you to the residents of Ward 4 who put their trust in me - it was an honour to serve you as your Councillor these last 8 years.
I will not, however, be seeking another term as ward councillor.
Throughout my last two terms as a City Councillor, I have had the opportunity to see that the quality of life issues that matter to residents are not unique to a particular area. Making quality of life the foundation of our strategic decision-making matters to residents in every part of our city.
Delivering results matters. But, delivering results THAT MATTER, matters more.
It is for this reason that I am campaigning to become the next Mayor of the City of Windsor.
It is very clear to me that people in Windsor, regardless of what neighbourhood they call home, embrace and support the ideals I have been championing around the council table.
We all deserve clean and safe neighbourhoods.
We all deserve easy and quick access to the amenities that fulfill our daily needs.
We all deserve safe, efficient, and affordable public and active transportation options so we can participate in society.
We all deserve high quality city services delivered seamlessly and affordably to our homes.
We all deserve a roof over our heads that leaves us with enough money to enjoy the good things in life.
We all deserve to reap the rewards of investing in, and supporting, arts and culture.
We all deserve to be engaged respectfully and meaningfully by our city government and to be valued players in the bright future Windsor has ahead of us.
These should be available to any resident of Windsor; they should be the foundation upon which we build our city.
And we can do these things while still being fiscally responsible.
We have accomplished a lot of great things during my tenure on council, but so much has been left on the table. We've always come up short from achieving the maximum potential of any of our plans. Council has done a tremendously adequate job of seizing the opportunities that have presented themselves to us, but it's time to move beyond adequate.
Windsor has a rich history in the automotive sector, and my family knows this as well as any with four generations of Holts working in the auto industry. I take great pride in the 28 years I've spent as a working class member of the labour community. At the same time, I also understand the need to diversify our economy, as someone who has risked my own money building a business and creating employment in the city. I also know firsthand the struggles of small business owners. While economically we're on the precipice of growth in these next few years, we have to remember that businesses, big and small, rely on our municipal services to thrive.
Delivering results THAT MATTER, matters.
This is a watershed moment for our community. The decisions we make now will define the community we become over the next 20-30 years, with unprecedented investments coming. It's time to elect a leader with a complete grasp of how to build a resilient and sustainable city.
It's time to elect a leader that listens to you in building that city.
I'm asking voters in this upcoming election to consider what matters. If truly realizing the full potential of this remarkable place we call our home, our City, matters to you, I ask that you join me.
Over the course of this municipal campaign, I will be sharing my ideas and plans for the City of Windsor.
I hope they inspire you to demand better leadership.
I hope they create a vision of just how far we can take this great city.
I hope they ignite a flame within each and every one of you to get involved in our campaign and help others understand that we don't have to settle in Windsor any longer.
We have the hearts and the minds to actually build the city we all want and deserve, together, and this campaign will be about just that.
Chris Holt
Ward 4 Councillor and Candidate for Mayor of Windsor