I’ve worked with Chris on numerous different projects over the years, and firmly believe he needs to stay on council for Windsor to reach our full potential as a city. His focus on strengthening the core of our city and investing in neighbourhood amenities has proven to attract investors like myself to build the kind of developments the next generation entrepreneurs and residents want to live, work and play in.

Dino Maggio, Mid-South Land Development

My name is Filip Rocca, Vice President of the Via Italia BIA Board in Windsor’s Little Italy. I am proud to say that it has been a privilege to work with Councillor Chris Holt for the last several years. Councillor Holt has been an incredibly beneficial member of our team. He has made all board members feel as though our area’s needs are recognized and valued by attending and participating in our monthly board meetings. We have always been able to depend on him to promptly respond to our questions and concerns in person, via e-mail, or by telephone. If he is unable to deal with an issue directly, he offers the contact information of other City of Windsor representatives to provide further assistance. Councillor Holt has also made Via Italia merchants feel that their voices are being heard by personally addressing issues between BIA members and the City, and he has always been an approachable and reliable official to call on when the need arises. Councillor Holt has also brought forth many wonderful suggestions and ideas regarding how to handle everything from problems to projects. The construction of the Doctor Lazar Jovanovic Memorial Clock Tower is a perfect example of an undertaking that may not have been completed without his expertise. His knowledge, direction, and contributions to this project have helped our idea come to fruition. We are grateful to have had such a dedicated individual working closely with our board to accomplish our goal. Councillor Chris Holt exhibits a true passion for bettering Windsor in any way he can. His professionalism, vision, and leadership qualities have made him an exceptional representative of our area, Ward, and city at large. I have truly enjoyed the time I have spent working with him, and I look forward to continuing it in the years to come.

Filip Rocca, Vice President of the Via Italia BIA

Councillor Holt has been more than a good friend to the Tour di Via Italia. He actually gets his hands dirty. Not only helping us navigate through the administrative challenges but showing up on race day and helping set up and tear down our event. It is clear that he does this because he understands the true value of local events, the every day benefits of building pride in our community and the joy of celebrating and sharing our race and culture. On Sept 2 2018 the Tour di Via Italia will celebrate its 60th anniversary of bike racing on Erie Street. If you are looking for Chris Holt that day - he will be on Erie St. working and celebrating with us.

Pietro DiPonio, Tour di Via Italia

I fully endorse and support Chris in his bid to be re-elected for Ward 4 Councillor because of his leadership, passion for his city and ward and the commitment he has to achieving all of his goals. I most admire Chris for his selfless volunteer work. I serve with him on the Walkerville BIA and there I acquired respect and admiration for his generosity, intelligence, and dedication to our BIA. He puts in many hours into the needs of our community and I have called on him many times for guidance and support of the many initiatives we have created. It is because of Chris’s 5 years of perseverance that we have finally gotten our cross walk. Along with this, Walkerville will also see a much needed round about on Riverside Dr. Without a doubt, Chris has what it takes to continue on the road he has laid out for himself as a representative of our ward. With proud enthusiasm, I support Chris Holt as our Ward 4 Councillor.

Cara Kennedy Owner, Walkerville Tavern, Chair of Walkerville BIA

Chris Holt has been a steadfast element in the Wyandotte Town Centre BIA for the last four years. It was a time of critical change and he steered through it with clarity, patience, care, and focus. In all the years that I have worked with Chris, I have most valued his commitment to the goal of improving the community. He doesn't waver from that purpose, which is most likely the key to his success thus far. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Chris on the BIA. I have also lived in his ward, and I have run a social enterprise in his ward. All experiences have been positive.

Tamara KowalskaWyandotte Town Centre BIA past chair,
Windsor Youth Centre co-founder and past Executive Director

Long before Chris Holt was elected to represent Ward 4 on city council, he was working for this community. In 2011 Chris Holt launched the Old Walkerville Residents Association (OWRA). Holt’s idea was to give power to the residents of his community by forming a neighbourhood organization. The OWRA has been successful in lobbying for improvements to the neighbourhood over the years both with Chris at the helm, and with his assistance as our ward councillor. Chris continues today to work for Ward 4 and the City of Windsor by listening to and empowering citizens. As president of the Old Walkerville Residents Association, I encourage the citizens of Ward 4 to vote for Chris Holt this October to allow his work on city council to continue for the next 4 years.

Shane Mitchell, President Old Walkerville Residents Association