Making roads safer for all by eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries through tried and tested measures
Looking to cities who have already successfully implemented these measures, Windsor mayoral candidate Chris Holt announced Wednesday that he would prioritize road safety, using recommendations from the Vision Zero Task Force.
“We are all pedestrians. Whether on a small scale of walking to your car in the parking lot or to the corner store, our feet are the primary mode of transportation,” Holt said, standing near Roseland Public School where families and the school board have been grappling with traffic and safety issues since the new rebuild of Cabana Rd happened.
“We need to reinforce the importance of this activity, and design our communities to encourage walking and cycling, instead of begrudgingly accommodating it, especially when it doesn’t cost very much.”
Vision Zero is a strategy that works to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing healthy, equitable mobility for all residents in the city.
A Holt administration will fast-track and implement all the recommendations from the Vision Zero Task Force by incorporating them into how we construct our streets and how we enforce the rules of the road. Many of these recommendations have already been vetted and approved and are waiting for funding and leadership to implement. These include:
● Develop and implement a Complete Streets policy
● Fully fund our School Neighbourhood Policy
● Obtain collision reporting data through Provincial ARIS System
● Increase winter roadway maintenance
● Review yellow and all-red intervals for traffic signals
In addition to these initiatives, the following will also be implemented:
● Establishment of Fatal Collision Response Team
● Target Speed Requirements for new construction and roadway projects
● Include collision history as a factor in prioritizing capital projects
● Adjust project prioritization criteria in the Active Transportation Master Plan
● Require transportation impact studies for new developments to include a full multi-modal review
● Speed limit reductions and expanded electronic speed/red light enforcement
“Many of these initiatives cost very little and can be easily implemented simply by directing administration to make the changes,” Holt said.
“As our community grows and we attract new families to the City we need to ensure that their safety, and especially the safety of our children, is embedded in the way we build our City” Holt said over the noise of passing traffic at Roseland Public School on Cabana where Councilor Kieran Mckenzie advocated for, and was successful at, installing a pedestrian crosswalk across Cabana Rd.
Holt pointed out that the original design of Cabana was not safe and has led to increased congestion and speeding, complicating school drop offs in the area. Holt continued, even taking a jab at the current Mayor in saying “I can tell you that ‘world class roadways’ don’t have parents worried sick that their kids will get hit by a car when simply walking to school.”